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Performance comparison of common sustainable packaging products

Paper Sugarcane/Bagasse PLA/CPLA/PHA Palm leaf
Material Wood fibres Sugarcane pulp Synthesized from corn or potato starch Dried palm leaf
Production Physical and chemical treatment of sawdust By-product of sugar cane production. Similar to paper production Made from lactic acid molecules Drying, pressing and cutting of naturally fallen Areca palm leaves
Other Uses Countless Insulation material, Chemical industry, heating media Similar to conventional plastics: foils, composites, 3D printing None
Formability Formability Formability Formability Restricted due to its natural shape
Aesthetic Classic disposable feeling Neutral, white-beige, similar to paper. Classic disposable feeling Similar to conventional plastic Attractive, woody with grains
Environmental footprint Critical (wood and water intensive, often coated with plastic or PLA) Average, as use of an agricultural by-product but very water intensive (similar to paper production) Critical (Intensive farming, intensive usage of agricultural area) Minimal, as it is agricultural waste
Co2 balance No reliable data available (according to online comparison approx. 676 kg CO2 per ton) No reliable data available as variable depending on context No reliable data available as variable depending on context (according to manufacturer approx. 500 kg CO2 per ton) Minimal to neutral depending on disposal, because even when burned, only the CO2 that was in the leaf is released
Regionality Partially Origin: tropics and subtropics, processing mainly in China Origin of raw materials usually USA, processing mainly in China origin:tropical
Heat resistance Limited, depending on material thickness Until 120°C PLA until 40°C/CPLA until 85°C Until 180°C (30 Minutes)
Fluid resistance Depending on coating & material thickness Depending on coating & material thickness Permanent Many hours
Compostability Depending on coating Naturally compostable Naturally compostable Naturally compostable

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